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Latest from the Blog

Thai Catholic

Outside, Bangkok cathedral seems like not a grand cathedral, but inside, it was full of gold, the place is beautiful, and the message of the cathedral is very clear to state the old Catholicism: cultural conservatism at heart. Gold, Glory, Gospel. 3Gs in Hindia Belanda (now Indonesia), which was brought by colony to be found…

R or Python?

In the past month, I have already trying R. And found that R is indeed intuitive, and way faster than Python. Or it is happen because I haven’t run complex script? Not sure. R Studio, also has Help window. When we run ? script in R, we can see how is the command used in…

Surround Yourself with the Right People

When your life been spent with people around you who are lazy, poor, and unmotivated, it feels easy to feel not lazy, rich, and motivated. It’s a trap, actually. So, always surround yourself with people better than you in what you want to excel.

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